VistaConsulting helps build sronger nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay area by offering strategic consultation  at affordable rates allowing organizations to focus on sustaining and strengthening their core mission, vision, and goals.

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We know how hard you work and how challenging it can be to find time for strategic planning and leadership training. We hope to take some of the mystery and complexity out of these critical processes by providing  simple and engaging frameworks, which many find rewarding and less time consuming than expected.  Many nonprofits are surprised by how empowered and informed they feel following strategic exploration and planning, board training, and general top management support.

Let us help you be all you can be!

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Deanna M. Euritt 

Principal Consultant

Deanna Euritt is a nonprofit consultant with a background that includes over 30 years of experience in government and nonprofit organizations. Deanna served as Executive Director of Novato Human Needs Center, Spiritual Services Manager at Hospice by the Bay, and Assistant Director at Community Action of Napa Valley. Deanna is a former CPA with a B.S. in Accounting and also has a Master’s degree in Theology. She has worked as an auditor, a human resources director in a major university, a health care manager, a spiritual counselor, and in top executive positions in four nonprofit organizations. Deanna offers support and training in the areas of strategic planning, board governance, strategic alliance exploration, merger integration, and nonprofit financial statements. Deanna is also a gifted speaker, writer, and facilitator.

VistaConsulting is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Deanna M. Euritt of Rohnert Park, CA. 

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